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I am a pediatric otolaryngologist in New York City and a technical rebreather diver. I have served as the president and dive chair of the New York City Sea Gypsies, and as a medical moderator on Although I certainly enjoy the warm, clear water of the tropics, I especially love local diving; I do my best to encourage other divers to visit the vibrant marine ecosystem and historic shipwrecks right off of our shores.

I am an avid underwater photographer and videographer, and I am currently the co-director (along with Larry Cohen) of the
New York Underwater Photographic Society. In this capacity, we organize and teach the annual NYUPS underwater photography workshop at Dutch Springs, and run the monthly NYUPS meetings.

I have lectured widely on topics related to diving and imaging. Over the past few years, I have given seminars at
Beneath the Sea on underwater photography in challenging conditions, and on ear, nose and throat problems in diving. In addition, I have published a number of articles and photographs, which you can see on this website.

Feel free to
contact me if you have any questions, lecture requests or general comments.

Dive safe!

Mike Rothschild